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Career placement report. Results that matter!

CodeWorks Transparency

At CodeWorks we measure our success in our Almuni's ability to obtain meaningful employment.

Students dedicate a significant amount of time, money and trust into their education here so we make their success our top priority.

What we track

We are proud of our Alumni and Staff that have maintained an average of 85% career placement from beginning to date.

  • Career placement
  • Average salary
  • Satisfaction
  • Time till hired

We dedicate our time, engergy, and efforts into these courses and our students because it works! Our model is proven and consistent. The following report is based on data from our Immersive Full Stack Course 2017 Enrollments.

Stage OneEnrollment Process

We carefully select our applicants and require each person to complete a series of free precourse work and interviews before they enroll in our courses. We want to ensure that you are ready to start so your time with us is productive learning.

  • Applicant Screening
  • Precourse 150 Hrs
  • Quiz
  • Live Technical Interview

Stage TwoUnderstanding Principles

As students join our program they begin working and building projects that are designed to bolster their portfolios and teach the primary principles and responsibilities of a Software Developer. During this process students must complete a series of Checkpoint Assigments and pass our Exit Interview to complete the course.

  • 13 Weeks Training
  • 8 Manditory Checkpoints
  • Exit Interview
  • Alumni

Stage ThreeGetting Hired

Again finding meaningful work in the field of Software Development is specifically what we train. Once students complete our course they continue to work with our career services team and Alumni network until hired. When hiring a Software Developer it is not uncommon for companies to put candidates through three or more interviews spread over a few weeks prior to making a decision.

  • Career Services
  • Resume Review
  • Portfolio Polish
  • Certificate of Completion

Stage FourStarting Salaries

On average Alumni report an average starting salary wage around $45,000 annually. These reports are associated with our alumni that successfully complete the course requirements and pass our exit interview. Once hired the best developers are those that continue to push themselves to learn more and become experts in their field.

  • Code Related Employment
  • Work You Love
  • Build Awesome Things
  • Hello, World! Make it better!

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