[ { "name": "Software Developer", "description": "The Software Developer Track is designed for students looking to jumpstart their career. Customize your path in Software Development by selecting the courses that fit your schedule and build an impressive portfolio as you gain the skills of a professional developer.", "logoUrl": "https//", "courseColor": "#000" }, { "name": "Dev Operations", "description": "Learn to manage the day-to-day operations of running software development teams, and the tools to deliver modern cloud based applications.", "logoUrl": "//", "courseColor": "#000" }, { "name": "Game Developer", "description": "From concept to completion learn the essential tools and skills necessary to build games for several platforms including Mobile, Desktop, Web, and Virtual Reality.", "logoUrl": "//", "courseColor": "#000" }, { "name": "Data Analyst", "description": "Are you ready to start making decisions based on factual data rather than generalized assumptions? Come learn what it takes to start making intelligent business decisions.", "logoUrl": "//", "courseColor": "#000" } ]