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How CodeWorks Changed My Life

How CodeWorks Changed My Life

I am so glad I decided to join Boise CodeWorks!

When I first was introduced to coding, I was teaching myself on the internet with tutorials and articles. While helpful, I never really felt like these tutorials and articles could provide a sustainable way for me to learn enough. I started researching more into coding bootcamps and decided I would try to find one that would be the best fit for me. I knew becoming a Software Developer would be a challenging and rewarding career change but I had to make sure I was choosing the right program. I finished my research and made my decision to leave my home in Lake Tahoe and drive to Boise. Although I was nervous for the first day of class, by the end of it, I knew I had made the right decision in coming to Boise CodeWorks! The staff was awesomely supportive and they understand how hard it is, financially, mentally, and socially to change careers. The CodeWorks mantra that I absolutely learned to be true is that they “won’t give up on you if you don’t give up on yourself.”

Fast forwarding 13 weeks from that first day of class, I was ecstatic to be selected as a Teaching Assistant for the next cohort. Despite having some serious “imposter syndrome” setting in, I knew I had a great team to back me up. The CodeWorks Team gave me the support I needed to help mentor and teach the new cohort of students learning the same things I had just 3 months prior. Being a TA really gave me the extra boost of confidence that I was looking for and really helped me blossom into the developer I am now.

The best part of the entire CodeWorks experience happened when it was time to leave! I began networking! I went to a weekend event called Boise Code Camp, at which Boise CodeWorks helps plan and sponsor every year. I brought my resume and talked to almost every booth and tons of other developers from the community throughout the morning. After lunch, I was asked for impromptu interviews from two different companies! What a great feeling! The Monday after Code Camp, I had 5 companies seeking me for opportunities, and had already received a verbal offer for employment! WHAT? How cool! I couldn’t believe the feeling!

It’s crazy to think that 6 months ago, I was working as a table games dealer with barely a glimmer of hope in my future horizon. I have now accepted an offer to be a Software Engineer for a great company, all thanks to Boise CodeWorks. They taught me the skills I needed and believed in me harder than I believed in myself sometimes. The entire experience is absolutely life changing and if you are willing to put the work in to change careers, they will be there to support you the whole way. I feel like I am on top of the world. Software Developers are in a “seller’s market” and there is no time like the present to take advantage of the training provided by Boise CodeWorks.