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Empowering Lives Through the World of Code

Empowering Lives Through the World of Code

As I was quickly approaching graduation for my bachelor’s degree I was left with so many emotions, I was of course excited to be done but confused on what my future yielded. After speaking with my career counselor, she recommended I reach out to a staffing agency, I had a strong background of customer service, B2C sales, and management from my previous hospitality career. Later I went through the application process for an administrative assistant, within an hour from the interview I received a call to come back and speak with the branch manager. Fast forward to a few weeks later when I accepted my first job offer as a recruiter. I was blown away, this was the perfect job for me. I am passionate about building relationships and growing my network, I love guiding people and sharing my knowledge with others. 

I had a successful career with the agency, built strong relationships with my clients and candidates. I was quickly promoted to a Certified Sr. Recruiter and Mentor and was often the person to take on new clients or coach my team members. Out of the blue I was contacted by a software company looking to open a site in Boise. The opportunity was amazing and challenged me new ways. I joined the software company as their first local employee and helped grow the site to over 165 employees and assisted in cultivating the local culture. 

Throughout the rise in my career I have watched as the tech industry boom in the Treasure Valley. The growth was exciting, and I became curious about the innovation and development in the community. My husband told me he wanted a career change from recruiting into software development, I supported his decision and we found Boise CodeWorks. I watched as he grew as a student and then as an instructor. We often had discussions about the exciting things CodeWorks was doing and how there was much more potential. Eventually I found myself interviewing with the CEO and COO about a recruiter position within the company. 

I joined CodeWorks because after losing several hours of sleep getting excited about the possibilities and what I could contribute to the team, it was a sign this was where I needed to be. I’m excited to help grow the school and watch as our students continue to be successful in their dream careers. My role here is to not only recruit and enroll our students but help them transition from student to employed. I get to wear many hats and utilize multiple strengths, I’m challenged and grow every single day. Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life" and that’s exactly what I have done.