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The CodeWorks Story

Fast effecient skills based education

The traditional approach of becoming a Software Developer takes to long and focuses on the least enjoyable parts.

CodeWorks was created by a set of brothers who believe software development should be fun and the barriers to entry need to be more approachable. Jake and Matt Overall saw the traditional approach of becoming a Software Developer as jarring and off-putting. Largely the traditional approach takes to long to learn anything relevant and sadly tends to focus on the least enjoyable parts of development. While this approach has worked for a few it has also turned many capable people away from careers in development, a problem which has created a massive shortage in the industry. Believing there were many solvable flaws (aka bugs) with this system approach the brothers set out to resolve the issue.

Having arrived in the software development field by vastly different means the brothers combined their experience to come up with a fun method of education that focuses on real world needs. Knowing the challenges, requirements, and demands developers are faced with everyday the best way to learn is to create an environment that simulates current industry standards and needs while maintaining the interest and passion of those who work there.

With this idea flushed out and tested on a few close friends the brothers launched the vision for the company and have been growing and innovating ever since. Since starting they continue to expand the team, refine the process, and keep up with the ever changing needs of the tech industry.

"My passion for coding started when I discovered how to hack the game Gorillas by throwing overpowered banana bombs."

Matt Overall

Why learn to code

Coding is one of the most employable skills!

Software is consuming the world... Every facet of our personal and work lives revolves around technology and that trend is only speeding up. As the demand for talented individuals grows you need to ask yourself will you be involved?

The number of openings for software and web developers has grown. That trend is expected to continue for at least the next decade. Companies of all sizes express a consistent demand for developers who can write high-quality code and problem solve with others.

At CodeWorks we gear our teaching into a single focus, Your Employment.

Classes are delivered in-person where you will be tasked with several hands on projects that mimic real-world application requirements. Assignments combine elements of creativity, technical skills, and academic achievement. Our courses are designed to teach you the tools and skills you will be using in your new career. Our intense, short-term education model has proven successful in making students employable at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional educational approaches.

Our success is measured in your ability to gain meaningful employment post graduation. We are proud of our alumni and teaching staff that have maintained an average of 85% career placement in the Immersive FullStack Course.

Our Amazing Team

Passionate people dedicated to changing lives

CodeWorks would be nothing without our Amazing Team! Each person brings their own strengths, quirks, and wit that make us the best Coding Bootcamp around.

Darryl Kilzer

Darryl Kilzer

Computers and Technology have always been a large part of my daily life. Joining Codeworks, I've been able to enjoy what I love, learn, have fun, and pass that along to others seeking the same!


Brittany Ohnsman

Brittany Ohnsman

Through years of recruiting I acquired a passion for building relationships and changing peoples’ lives. Now at CodeWorks I get to focus on the helping our students build their future careers.

Director of Recruitment

Jake Overall

Jake Overall

I love coding! Becoming a Software Developer, I went from hating my daily work life to absolutely loving to get up and go to work. Now at CodeWorks I get to help others make this transition.


Zach Olsen

Zach Olsen

With a career in business development, I joined CodeWorks because I am passionate about helping others transform their lives. At CodeWorks we are excited to help others develop their future!


Matt Overall

Matt Overall

With 10+ years experience as a Software Developer I realized the ever growing demand for talented people. We started Boise CodeWorks to provide passionate individuals a pathway to success.


Mark Ohnsman

Mark Ohnsman

I always had an interest in coding when I would recruit for developers. After spending quite a bit of time learning on my own I finally joined Boise Codeworks and haven't looked back since!


Mission & Goals

Guidlines that keep us on track

Empower individuals to embrace creativity and analytical rigor by teaching how to build applications that are functional and emphasize best practices designs. We aim to enable life-changing outcomes for graduates and elevate the developer community.

  • Provide multi-week educational bootcamps that teach promising students in-demand tech skills.
  • Make students as employable as possible, by teaching methods that combines application development, collaboration, and real world projects.
  • Instill a strong working knowledge of programming and its methodologies.
  • Stay relevant by always teaching the latest standards employers demand.
  • Provide a platform for continual life long learning

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